Take a look at the “Come Back To Yourself Project” by Bodha Modern Wellness here. They explore how to cultivate the connection with oneself through their first film 'The Plum' and a series of interviews with women from around the world. Some of my words are featured alongside this group of simply lovely, creative women I love.

Some good upcoming live-stream retreats:

Byron Katie at Spirit Rock Saturday August 26. This is a workshop designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery. 

Online Silent Retreat September 20 – 27 with Mooji. From the website: This is a beautiful and profound way of experiencing satsang directly and intimately from the comfort of your own home. If you feel the call in the heart to be in this retreat and cannot travel to Portugal, this is your opportunity to be fully included and absorbed in the energy-field and spirit of Satsang with Mooji.

In case you haven’t gotten this book. It is now out and a definite favorite.

And some basics from this life.

A Morning ritual: This is my coffee. This is my mug. This is my tool.

Things of beauty: I have a deep appreciation for handmade things and love seeing the potters hand in objects around my home. This is a favorite potter of mine:

jasmine hawken